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Friday, July 27, 2012

My Scrap Space

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Howdy everyone, I hope you are all well. Unfortunately I haven't had any new scrapping to share for the last few days because I have a few DT deadlines coming up that you will get to see eventually hehe. I have promised for a couple of years now, that I would share photos with you all of my scrap space. Now I have to firstly apologise because my bins are full of rubbish and really doesn't look very nice as I was editing these piccies LOL, secondly I am totally embarrassed by my space because it is really only 30% finished and there is so many cluttered areas and boring walls and windows still hahaha. Anyway on with the show. WARNING there is lots of pics sorry :) 

Ok so first pic is a sort of full view of my main work area. Boring White walls painted with wash n wear, because I um keep spraying mists everywhere LOL. The back wall you can see has 3 canvases made by me and they are inspiration pieces for me. My plan is actually to cover the wall with different canvases showing things that inspire me but I have been busy so there is 3 for now lol. This is the back of my house and there is lots of windows in this back room but unfortunately the lighting in here is dreadful and that is mainly because the only time there is direct sunlight in here is at 6am for about half hour LOL.

To the right of the first picture, you can see these paper racks. I actually need to bring in about 4 more LOL I am hating how unorganised they are but I luckily have lots spare. on the left side is my laundry door which is great because I use the laundry tub for clean up etc and you can see my apron hanging on the side of the paper racks.

Swinging back around to the left side of the room and here is my crap corner LOL. Honestly I can't think of anything else to call it as it is my dumping ground. New products, old products, things I am giving away, lots of bits and pieces that need to be organised and some things that are organised. The plastic drawers hold all my crochet trims, felt, burlap & cheesecloth. On the side of the white bookcase is some magnetic strips from Ikea that hold some of my nested dies although that is only about 1/10 of them haha. 

Here you can see my fabulous magazine files that I have decorated. These babies hold all my thickers etc. Yep colour coordinated hehe. The black boxes hold some photos that I have printed recently for scrapping and then above all them, on the top shelf is my messy pile of Bigz Dies, Embossing Folders & different size cutting pads for my Big Shot. On top is some of my cardstock stash and then I like to display a new layout each week on the recipe stand alongside some OTP projects of mine. How cool are the racks next to the window? These are from Bunnings and my fab friend Lisa Harman suggested them to me and I looooovvvvveeeee them! This side houses some of my regular use acrylic paints, pastels, oil pastels, inksentials, panpastels, chalks, Crackle Paints, Perfect Pearls Mists, Dylusions Ink Sprays, Micro Beads, Glitter and then the top has spare Gel Mediums, Adhesives etc. See my OTT lite too? Bad lighting LOL I don't know how I ever worked without this baby. There is another OTT lite on the other side too.

As you can see as I walk you through my little space, Craft Sheets, Adhesives & Paper Towel is never far away for me haha. Other goodies you can see here are some fab Lindys Stamp Gang Magical Micas plus the good ole Gesso, Glossy Accents & Crackle Accents. Next to that is my sewing machine (i am naughty and never put the cover on). Under the machine is a few scraps of cardstock, photo paper. My machine is temperamental and can easily destroy a layout therefore I have to test the stitches each time I want to use the ruddy thing. I think it is just a female machine honestly.  There are also 2 tubs here in the corner. One holds dry small paint brushes & palette knives and the other has water in it to put dirty ones in. 

Ok so this pic is terrible sorry but I needed the window open to take the photos LOL. Here is my dodgey plastic sewing case and a gorgeous crochet pin cushion PLUS my Big Shot & Bind it all machines. Underneath the table is my um ribbon LOL yep seriously ribbon. I used to have the ribbon in a draw but the stash got too big. Then I had 15 big glass jars and the ribbon colour coordinated into but the jars got too full and I had to empty each jar to see what I was looking for. Now I have a new idea but hubby is against me spending more money for furniture for my room so hmmm I think have to think of a way around it LOL. For now I dig through these dodgey plastic tubs to find what I want. 

The uber cute Balinese Drawers I got from a Bali party about a year ago and inside are the rest of my wafer thin dies as well as 1 drawer has my embossing powders that aren't WOW. Another rack of the uber cool bunnings shelves and this side is mainly Glimmer Mist. Even the shelf that is almost empty, is usually full but I have lots of bottle lids soaking because they were clogged haha. so the Glimmer Mists are colour coordinated alongside any Chalkboard Mists, Glimmer Glams & Glimmer Glazes. I used to have them all seperate but it is so much easier this way. Bottom shelve houses a lot of regular use items like Fixative, Spray Adhesive, PVA glue & Glue Sticks for my kids, Gloss Spray, Gemstone Glue, pretty much every single Helmar Product ever made haha. Also to the right (underneath the messy punches) is some Gesso, Black Gesso, Transparent Gesso and some Sea Sponges and other goodies. Front of the bottom rack is containers  housing eyelets, Fabric Covered Buttons, Ideaology, Charms & Resin that aren't Handmade Halo. 

LOL that dodgey looking box under the desk is my excess Chipboard hehe it is a little embarrassing. See I need more storage, someone convince my hubby? Anyway above that, on the desk is my WOW Embossing Station. Lots of beautiful WOW Embossing Powders and then to the left is my Embossing Buddy, Embossing Ink Pad and some computer paper. The little buckets hanging under the punches house regular tools like file, craft knives, scissors, Versamark Markers, Piercer tools, etc. The left one houses tape runners, scrap dots, and my Fiskars Interchangable border punch.

Moving on to the centre of the room and here is 1 of my beautiful Ikea Alex drawers. I seriously love these and need another 2 at least hehe. This baby holds my tools in the top drawer, second drawer has bling, 3rd drawer is A2Z Scraplets Chipboard, 4th drawer is Printed Chipboard & other Chipboard, 5th drawer is stickers & the 6th drawer holds Paper Doilies, Tags, Tickets & Prima Trinkets. On top is my very small wooden stamp collection. I actually use to have this drawers full of wooden stamps at one stage but cut back dramatically and unmounted some as well. Behind the big background stamps are boxes like the ones I have photos in. These boxes hold Chipboard Letters in one and Stamping supplies in the other (acrylic blocks, stamp cleaner, etc) plus there is some other stamps unmounted that I have never used and cannot find wood blocks for LOL. On top yep that is a packet of baby wipes but hey they are great for easy clean ups, and my Pigment Ink Pads are there too. Love my petals. 

Ok so I hate this corner a little because of those baskets on the desk haha. They have all of my twine, craft wire, floss in them. Totally in shambles but underneath there is some winded onto Ribbon Cards LOL. About 60 actually but the rest has been just thrown on top and yeah there are lots of tangles. Anywho there is also a basket there behind my water bottle, that is full of washi tape even though i almost never use the stuff LOL. The usual suspects of adhesives and mediums lined up ready to be used including my mini misters and some have concoctions inside, some have just water. Again the punches are a mess and there is also a pile of flowers etc sitting on the desk to be put away hahaha but here you can see my prettier OTT lite. Also the buckets hanging down, like on the other side of the room, house regular use tools & adhesives. There is also a pile of Double Sided tape there and some Paper Towel see never too far away.  Checkout my Distress Stains & Inks. I just love this storage! I do plan on painting the raw wood one day but I just haven't got around to it. See the tubs under the desk? The clear tub is full of rags (and only full because I just washed them yesterday) and then the round white tub is my Gesso Bucket. Whenever I am using anything like a mask, etc, I don't want to stop working to clean up the masks but if I leave any kind of texture paste, gesso, etc on them, they will eventually become useless because they won't sit flush anymore so I have this bucket (which I just cleaned haha) but usually it sits there for a few weeks before I take it into the Laundry tub to clean everything properly (unless I want to use something again right away of course). The fabulous Nathalie Kalbach gave me the idea.

Moving around and you can see another Alex drawer. This baby is just flowers & Ephemera no joke. The bottom drawer is Ephemera and then the other draws are full of flowers. Top is White & Cream, 2nd is Pink, 3rd is Yellows, Oranges & Reds, 4th is is Greens, Blues & Purples and then finally the 5th drawer has Browns, Greys, Black & Metallic. Top of the desk you can see my regular ink pads and my fab Stickles & Liquid Pearls Collection. Along the front is my Perfect Pearls Powders and then above is my um Lindys Stamp Gang Starburst Stain Sprays. LOL yes I know you are all thinking I have an obsession with sprays and you are totally right but I honestly use them on almost every project! Lots are running out. Anyway moving on, you can see the fabulous Tim Holtz Stamp Storage Binders which of course, house my Clear Stamps & Cling Mount Stamps. Next to that is my current art journal and some OTP projects that I want to do or have already started. Back on the desk below is a gorgeous 9 drawer storage that houses some of my Handmade Halo goodies for DT work. 

Next along is is some Blending Tools (i totally need more but) and then my Small Crochet Doilies and then some Pens, pencils, markers, etc. My paperwork needing doing including my DT schedules etc are here always next to my computer and never seems to go down lol. 

My computer area which has the important things like the Ipod Dock haha, plus of course my paper, current magazines, File Folders for keeping track of my Publications etc. Hanging on the wall is my WOW Embossing Powders Colour Chart so I can blog easily haha. Checkout the fab Donna Salazar Desktop Screen on my computer hehe. I always love hers!

Next to my Computer and Laundry door is my Clip it Up Wall Mount. OK yes I realise that I need ANOTHER one and I have crammed 4 packets of clips onto one but it is still sooo easy to find masks when I need one. Funniest part is that you can't even see all of them haha. There is about 15 waiting to be cleaned LOL.

Last but not least is the view of the other side of the room. Miss Chloe kept jumping up and down and insisting on being in the picture LOL. This is the cleanest that side ever gets. As you can see the kiddies have a huge L shaped craft corner with their own Scrapbook Paper Rack and sooooo many embellishments etc. They are spoilt with craft goodies. The other section is the play room and has a big lounge suite with tv unit etc and 4 giant toy tubs. The um top of the TV unit is my albums and ummm my pile of layouts that need to go away hahahaha. Yep I am slack. I also store heaps of things in the TV unit like hundreds of magazines, old scrapbook albums, extra supplies like cardstock, album refills, cutting pads for the big shot & tape. I am sure that there is a hundred things I have missed but there is just too much to share hahahaha. 

Let me know if you use any ideas of mine for your scrap space. Or if you have a good storage solution for something I have in an ugly tub or basket comment away LOL

Until next time...happy scrapping!

Amy Prior xxx