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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Layout Disaster......FIXED phew!

Have you ever destroyed a layout beyond repair? I know the Scrappers Motto is that there is no errors in Scrapbooking, only room for more embellishments but I am talking seriously beyond repair LOL when the background cannot be covered with enough embellishments to be fixed LOL.....WELL I did that the other day. My background was completely destroyed and although I did not take a photo of the horrible looking layout I did take some photos of the process I used to fix my mistake :)

Ok so this is a terrible photo as I took it really quickly but you can click the photo to open it larger in another tab. As you can see because it was only the background that I had destroyed, I have carefully cut around EVERYTHING very neatly with my craft knife! How cool was that I just saved this layout as it is now ready to simply be stuck onto another background! EASY!

Here is what the layout ended up looking like in case you missed the blog post the other day.

Thanks for looking! Until Next time....

Happy Scrapping

Amy xxx