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Thursday, November 17, 2011

A fun technique to Share!

On Monday I shared this fabulous technique with the lovely ladies who were here for scrapbooking so I thought I would share it with you all as well :)

I received a lot of comments when I first uploaded this layout almost a year ago now and it is honestly super easy to do!

Ok so here is the layout I am referring to...

For this technique I firstly had to find something that was a circle shape to trace around that was the correct size. This patterned paper is very busy so I didn't want too much of a border showing. I actually ended up using a Saucepan Lid! LOL it did the job nicely LOL.

Ok so now that you have found your circle object you will also need some patterned paper that has a coordinating back. 

Now Turn the paper upside down and trace the circle object you have. Once you have done this, using a paper piercer, pierce holes about 1cm apart along your traced circle.

If you are good at machine stitching and you think you can machine sew a perfect circle then that would save the hand sewing but I am just not that confident LOL. So the next step is to do a back stitch all the way around your circle.

Now let the tearing begin! The curls on my layout are about 1inch wide curled back so to do this I just simply tore out a circle from the middle of my sewing very roughly about 1inch from the stitching. 

Then it is just a matter of tearing back pieces towards your stitching and curling them over. I actually used the handle of my paper piercer to do the curling so it all looked curlier than I could do freehand :)